Down Under Visa

Need a Visa from Philippines to Australia?

In an Australian Filipina Relationship?

We run Down Under Visa. "Who and what is that?", you ask?

Down Under Visa

Down Under Visa is the premier Registered Migration Agent practice in Manila Philippines. What's more, we specialise in visas for those in Australian Filipina relationships! That means:

  • No work visas
  • No student visas

What it means is:

Why Down Under Visa?

Jeff and Mila are an Australian Filipina couple. We've been through the partner visa process ourselves many years ago, so we understand exactly what you're going through. So yes, we relate and we have empathy!

Also, Jeff has had 20+ years experience with the Philippines and Filipino culture. First of many visits was back in the 1990's, and now? We've been here since 2010 full time. So yes, we understand the Filipino people, the culture and the bureaucracy. 

We're now the busiest and most successful migration agency in Philippines, because we're so utterly dedicated helping our clients get the results they want. We believe in marriage and we believe in families, and marrying a Filipina lady was the best thing I ever did. And Mila feels the same about me! I want to do what I can to help other couples achieve something just as good for themselves. And that means we do everything we can to help Australian Filipina couples to get their visas!

And that means we have the runs on the board. We're very successful at helping people. So they keep coming back, and they keep talking to others and saying "Go and see Down Under Visa!"

Do you need help?

Go to our site and get yourself a free online visa assessment. We can tell you honestly whether we can help you or not, and we will tell you the basics about:

  • Visa types
  • Best options
  • Processing time
  • Costs
  • How to start

Suggest you click on this link HERE, and let's see if you could become one of our success stories too!


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