06 June 2019

Filipino Kids - Wonderful

Filipino Kids - Nicest and sweetest kids

Always find it a little odd when clients don't include Filipino children in Partner Visa applications. No, not blaming anyone. Sometimes the kids are staying with an Aunt or with Grandma (Lola) and have lived apart from their mum who was away working, and other times the couple decide to let mum settle in to life in Australia before applying for the kids later with a Child Visa.

This is more about about life here in the Philippines. This is me telling my stories, which may or may not interest you. I would think if you were living here like I do, yes maybe it will be.

A few of our small kids

But you will find if you live here that kids are never too far away. Your lady-love may have kids, or the relatives certainly will. We've "borrowed" quite a lot of family children, because we can provide them with better lives than a lot of the poorer rellies can. And we find them rather loveable! Thus we have eight of them here, from 16 years down to 6 months.

Why Filipino kids?

They're kind-hearted, sweet and smiley. Much like grownup Filipinos. And they generally respect elders, and are kind with little kids.

And they're accustomed to interacting with other kids. They have endless games that they know how to play. Love singing and dancing (girls), and boys like basketball. You can get a large group of Filipino kids, and they'll start playing a game you've never seen before. Older kids show tremendous patience with little kids and babies.

I can remember my mother visiting from Australia, being very impressed at how a couple of my girls were with little Maggie (who was about 2 at the time). She vomited on herself, as little kids tend to do. Erika and Chin Chin (13 and 12 at the time) just took her, cleaned her up and changed her clothes. No hesitation and no trying to get out of the task. Goodness me, I would never have done that when I was 12!

How to deal with Filipino kids?

Maybe you're not well-practiced with kids? Never had kids, or are seriously out of practice?

A couple of things.....

1. If you want kids to love you? Love them first! They can't resist being loved. Get to know them as individuals, and you will find them fascinating! Not very complicated at all.

2. And don't do the "step-child/step-father" thing. Treat them as your own. Kids need to be parented. They don't need a 40 or 50 year old schoolmate! If they are the kids of a single parent especially, they've probably been craving having a dad. Be a dad to them.

Megan (6 months)

I won't say much more. These are just my thoughts of the day. My home is a happy place largely because of the sound of kids. I have two of them drawing on a chalkboard just across from my desk right now. What could be nicer?

The artists


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