31 May 2019

Why does Jeff live in Philippines?

Why Philippines?

This is our home. Lived here full time since 2010. Friend of mine who lived here for a number of years told me the novelty would wear off and by the fifth year I'd hate the place with a passion.

Well? I don't. I love the place!

Is it challenging? Definitely! There are things that are frustrating. The locals can be impractical, and everything takes a very long time to organise. Yet....to me, anyway.....there are endearing things that make the frustrating things much easier to take, and it's all around people and how decent and kind they are.

Example? We have a "weekender". A few acres and a whole lot of fruit trees about 45 minutes from home. Happy with it, and it's great to be able to get away from the computer and from working. Sitting on the balcony looking at the sun glistening on mango tree leaves? Lovely!

But along the way? Everything takes too long. Needed a tank, because the town water is only on for 4 hours a day and is low pressure. Trying to find someone who understood about flow switches (turns off the pump when the flow stops because the tank is full) was a challenge. And the electricity? Literally took months to be connected.

However, we were able to rely on a temporary power line from one of the neighbours. Yes, a dodgy thin wire from I'm not even sure where. Would never happen in Australia, no. But then, would the neighbour in your Villawood or Geelong suburb happily do that for you? Good luck! In the bush, maybe. But in the suburbs?

The point I'm making is that people are kind here, and always willing to help if you ask nicely. Get aggressive or abusive, and you hurt peoples feelings. Ask nicely, and you find hearts of gold. Incidentally with the tank? Before it was fixed, the caretaker we employ to keep the place mowed etc, he would listen for the sound of the tank overflowing and would pop around at 11:00pm or so to turn the pump off. And he would have done that year after year without complaining if we wanted.

So yes, it's the smiling faces, kind hearts and sweet kids that keep me here. It has more clout than any of the negative things.

Also? We have a house full of kids. Family kids (ie nieces, and kids of nieces), and not formally adopted. Some have been here since we arrived. They're part of our lives, and a return to Australia would mean leaving them behind. I'm sure you can see what I mean there.

Not an easy place to live for those who are on tight budgets. It never seems to be enough, and it can be stressful. But if you earn at least a moderate income that's secure (and not based on you trying to sell BLOG articles for $50.00 a pop), you can live well here. And if you have a Filipina lady you can trust absolutely and always has your back, it can be a great life!

29 May 2019

First Post

First post....

New BLOG and a new day. Welcome viewers to my new BLOG address and page.

I expect that a few clients and friends will find this page, and I hope they do. I like to write, and I'm never short of thoughts and something to say. I have my existing BLOG for visa matters and for Down Under Visa clients and issues they have. That will always remain, and I will always dedicate significant time to it because the content is invaluable. I believe in having an informed and educated clientele who can make informed choices.

This one? Personal matters and personal thoughts.

I hope it proves interesting!